Experienced J.O. Spice?

This is a fun read! How many of these wonderful crab restaurants have you had the pleasure of dining in? What’s a favorite? How many times have you experienced J.O. Spice? Help us spread the word – the secret is out!

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These shirts available in our retail store. Comment on the blog and be entered to win one.

Be a part of the secret and win in flavor, taste and style!


🙂 Pamela

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Summer means BBQ

Summer means BBQ and a great sauce is what makes the chicken, ribs, and pork a delectable hit! Knowing when to put on the sauce is also key to a great BBQ meal ~ the sugar content in most sauces will just burn on the grill instead of caramelize if you put it on the high heat or hot coals. Instead, start off with a spice rub. It can be as simple as salt and pepper. Better yet, try one of J.O.’s specialty seasonings as all of them can be used as a rub —

Specialty Seasonings   – my personal favorite is the Caribbean Jerk as I love the flavor, Kathleen prefers the Rib ‘n Chicken while Jenn loves the Rotisserie. The spices are blended just like any rub – so don’t be swayed by the fact that they aren’t named “Rubs”. They are perfect for spicing up your chicken salad to rubbing on your meat as you get ready to BBQ, roast or bake in the oven.

Once the meat is cooked to your liking, either on the grill, in slow-cooker or oven, than put on your sauce and cook an additional 25 minutes or until sauce has mixed nicely with the meat. When I say it’s cooked to your liking, cooked until the minimum to be done but if you’re like me and your ribs should fall off the bone or your meat should be so tender it melts in your mouth -you cook the meat until it reaches an internal temp of 170 and then you let it cook at a lower temperature so that the meat gets tender and the sauce gets really hot, thick, and delicious. The best part of a summer BBQ is that you can do it more than once and learn your tricks because who wants to cook inside?

Tell us your favorite spice, seasoning or rub!

Happy BBQ spicing,

🙂 Pamela

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Spread the secret around!

Now that the secret is out, spread the secret around! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbor, the dude down the street steaming crabs and the people in the boat next to ya! The secret is out and people are loving that they are in the know!


The new generation is going to know the secret! We have brought in some great kids shirts and kids items to get them interested in all aspects of crabbing – catching, eating, steaming with J.O., and other great items! Have you stopped into the retail store lately? There are hats, shirts, bags, and more!

We have so many things to spread the secret around and we love word of mouth advertising! It’s the best! It also helps with conservation as the more people ask questions about what is on your crabs, you want to know even more about where they are caught, how the Bay is doing and what is happening on the water.

Come see what all the conversation is about – and join in!

Spread the secret around,

🙂 Pamela



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The secret is out!


The secret is out! J.O. is known in the crab establishments as THE spice to use to steam crabs. Through loyal customers, word-of-mouth advertising and Facebook shares by said loyal customers – people are learning that the key to getting that same great restaurant taste is to use J.O. Spice!

The new shirt -in design phase – is getting as many comments as the Say No to Pot shirts (which just came into the retail store in awesome summer colors at $14.95 so come for a visit!). When we get the new shirts in, they will go fast but keep checking Facebook – Facebook is always the first to know! Like us – the secret is out in all aspects of J.O. Spice’s Facebook page and keeps one in the know and up-to-date!



Where did you first learn of J.O. Spice? Let us know in the comments section of Facebook! We love to hear how we’ve changed the life of another loyal customer! We also love to know how you’re using J.O. Spice to enliven, freshen and enjoy your recipes! Chicken salad, potato salad, eggs, French fries, popcorn, fried chicken, and tomatoes are just a few of the items that become even better with a little extra spice!

Enjoy knowing the secret!

Have fun spreading the secret out there,

🙂 Pamela

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Mallets are the Universal Tool

Mallets are the Universal Tool for crackin’ crab claws and for making the crab feastin’ experience such fun! Mallets are fun and easy to to use. Mallets are even more enjoyable engraved! Great conversation starter! Do you yell something creative when you crab feast? You can have your favorite expression engraved on your mallet. You can have a special birthday. The possibilities are practically endless* (Email sales@jospices.com for more information)!

Mallets really are the Universal Tool – haven’t you ever just needed to tap open a container or re-nail something loose? They work for those exceptional instances when you’re in a pinch. Mallets are way more fun and functional when you are pounding away at a crab feast though! The best trick I’ve seen for those stubborn claws? Use a mallet and a knife – you gently tap the knife into the claw with the mallet to make an opening and voila, you’ve got the meat!

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Have you thought about adding the Universal Tool to your upcoming crab feast? Engrave with Crab Feast 2016 for a special price or Summer 2016! The retail store has many pre-printed mallets that you can purchase right on the spot. If you don’t see one you have to have on the website, you are more than welcome to offer a suggestion of what you’d like to see as a pre-printed design. We love to hear what would make you smile as you are using a mallet, the Universal Tool!

*While we would love to support the favorite Baltimore teams and spread the love through mallets, we don’t do anything trademarked!

Have a pounding blast at your crab feast,

🙂 Pamela


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Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce



Introducing Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce made with J.O. Spice! This product is made by a great family man in Delaware.

We are excited to distribute this new product created by another small family business. It’s a great sauce for chicken wings, chicken tenders, and probably ribs, fish and more although I’ve not had the chance to try since I just love how it tastes on chicken wings!

Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce was created in 1988 by Rick Ewing using a “little of this, a little of that” and once his family and friends tasted the sauce, they knew what he had to do: bottle it, sell it and get it to market! It’s a local favorite in the Delmarva area and in 2010 it finally became a bottled name. It’s offered in Rick’s store: Something Hot Specialty Sauces, on our very own website and in many areas across Delmarva.

We offer the original Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce but there are 3 others: Extreme, Pineapple Teriyaki and Cayenne Cassie. Once you’ve put this sauce on your chicken wings, chicken tenders, chicken bites, chicken “buffalo” dip, you won’t bother with any other hot sauce. With the right combination of butter, spice and sauce all included in one bottle, there’s really no need for anything else but a napkin (okay, maybe a beer!).

Pick some up today, before it sells out! Once the word is out, the bottles are off the shelves and we have to eat boring pasta- oh wait, we might have a way to spice that up too! 🙂

Happy chicken wings are sauced with Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce!


🙂 Pamela


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Foodie knowledge

February 29th – leap day! Celebrate with a little Foodie knowledge and lots of crabby fun! The “extra” day brings proposals, once-every-four-year-leaplings birthdays and some special celebrations for those who married specifically on February 29th! Here at J.O. we “leaped” for joy when we learned that our spice was being used on Food Network’s web show Foodie Call with Justin Warner and Mo Rocca!


A few months ago we had gotten an order from Justin ordering a bucket of #2 and some crab mallets. We are all lovers of great food at J.O. – spicing up our Foodie knowledge everyday – we recognized his name from the order, sent a hello and he said he was ordering because he was featuring the products on his web show: Foodie Call! The excitement was felt throughout all of Facebook and social media!

We wanted to thank him for the “word-of-mouth” advertising so we custom designed a cutting board, mallets and a spoon/spork set; and we sent along some customized spice packets, too! He used some of the items for his set decoration that you can see on the show (and no, the broken mallet is not ours! Ours were double-sided -engraved special just for Justin! Just sayin’!)

He and Mo Rocca have a blast talking about crabs, and spice and we love that he featured J.O. Spice products! Our Foodie knowledge just got better as we watched Justin make smoked salt crab seasoning! Definitely something interesting to try! We love when people use our products in a different, creative, and unique way.

To catch the web show, and to grab yourself some interesting foodie knowledge, watch this link!


A special “Thank you!” to Justin Warner, Mo Rocca for spreading their foodie knowledge of J.O. to the world! We love J.O. fans!

Happy smoked salt crab seasoning,

🙂 Pamela

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Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_5595

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! Do you like to hunt, fish or crab? Would you like a glass or cutting board to highlight your passion? It would make the perfect gift for your special someone who enjoys all things outdoors. We have the images you see – Turkey, Geese, Deer and Mallard – available to engrave on Pint Glasses, Stemless Wine, Rocks Glasses, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Bar Boards…we can even put it on a picture frame!

Need a bridal party gift? Best groomsmen gift? It can be personalized as well. The one who loves the outdoors, the one who enjoys and sings the mantra: hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! will enjoy the best gift ever- all courtesy of you!

Need it fast? 24 hours notice is Awesome but depending on the busy-ness of the store and the orders in house, we can get it done within the hour!

We customize to your gift recipient! We offer advice, tips and observations but it’s your gift to give and we don’t engrave until we know you love it!

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! It can be done – by J.O. Spice!

So what can we engrave for you today?

🙂 Pamela

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J.O.’s Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta!

shrimpshrimp salad photo


J.O. Spice’s Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta Salad


1 package Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta

2 stalks of celery, diced *optional*

4 juicy tomatoes, diced, AND reserve the juice – the juicier the tomatoes, the less need for mayo!!

1 green or red pepper *optional*

2-5 green onions, diced (to your taste) *optional*

1-2 tsp. J.O. Spice #1 Seafood Seasoning (for the salad) – More for steaming.

1-2 LBS Shrimp (medium count) – Steamed using J.O. Spice #1

½ c. Mayonnaise (more depending on your taste)

Steam the shrimp using J.O. #1 Mars, Green Valley Marketplace, & Giant all steam shrimp w/J.O. (Ask!) DIY: steam until pink/opaque. Add your desired amount of spice –some people like a few tablespoons, others just a sprinkle. After cooled, peel, chop – leave a few shrimp whole for garnish/presentation.

Whatever water is left from the steamed shrimp, add to your pasta water! Cook the pasta, using a little salt (or J.O. #1) in the water until al dente/ your preference. Drain; cool slightly, about 8-10 minutes.

Put your vegetables, shrimp, tomatoes, juice from tomatoes, and pasta in a bowl. Sprinkle w/ 1 tsp. #1. Then add the mayo. Stir. Taste. How’s the consistency? How’s the spice? To your liking? You’re done, Garnish! Like your salad a little more mayonnaisy – add more by tablespoonful! Needs more J.O. #1? Add by teaspoonful!


🙂 Pamela

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Maryland Crabs

11219227_10156048253375360_5890888867594777207_ncrabs covered JO11008456_10155526905695360_68581288597049628_n

Maryland Crabs are something special and when we get to talking with people who have had crabs elsewhere, especially towards Florida, they say there is nothing better than a steamed Maryland blue crab. We are inclined to agree since boiling a crab seems weird! Take it from someone who doesn’t originate from Maryland  -boiled lobster is the way to go if you want to boil something and you’re sitting in Maine….steaming crabs is the best way to eat a crab if you want to experience crabs at their best (and it goes without saying that J.O. #2 is the best spice to steam your crabs in – I say that NOT because I work here, I say it because it’s the truth!! I’m just trying to save you bad meals and wasted calories!).

We were told by a transplanted Marylander who is now a local Floridian that the best place to get an authentic steamed Maryland crab is the Riggins Crabhouse in Lantana, Florida ~why, yes, they do use J.O. Spice, thanks for asking.


He said Riggins Crabhouse had the best seafood and since they miss their Maryland crabs so much that when they need their crab fix, they go to Riggins. He said Riggins’ steams them right which is why they patronize their seafood establishment. I’ve looked at the menu and have made a reminder to myself that the next time I’m in the Palm Beach area, I’m going to Riggins Crabhouse! 2016 Vacation, here I come!

Maryland crabs are awesome, and many people on vacation learn that when they frequent Ocean City, Chincoteague, Bethany, Rehoboth or other restaurants along the East Coast! Quite a few of the restaurants use J.O. Spice when they steam their crabs and there are others who have their own special blend which J.O. manufacturers for them – all in all, when you are steaming Maryland crabs using either J.O. #2, J.O. Garlic Crab, J.O. Black Crab, you are steaming right. (*Basing that statement on reviews, feedback and personal preference!)

Where do you get the best crabs?

If you steam, or prepare your own Maryland crabs, how do you do it?

We love to hear how people enjoy Maryland crabs and what spice concoction they try – just because we’ve been spicing up crabs for over 70 years doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. Some people sprinkle both the J.O. #2, and the J.O. Garlic Crab or the J.O. Black Crab, some like more mustard, others use Bay Leaves, Celery Seed and Vinegar! One customer uses the J.O. Black Crab as he steams his lobster – and says he will never go back to a boiled lobster ever again! Some people say their “secret ingredient” is J.O. #1, beer and Sea Salt because they like the spicier option.

Share your ideas with us! We love J.O. fans and appreciate your patronage!

Enjoy your Maryland crabs spiced and steamed how you like,

🙂 Pamela


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