If the ocean were a crab, we’d sprinkle J.O. #2 all over!

talking crab

If the ocean were a crab, we’d sprinkle J.O. #2 all over! If the Bay were a Rockfish, we’d batter it up in the “SSSFF.”

chesapeake pursuits

If the forest were a deer, we’d rub it with a Chesapeake Pursuit of happiness!

World Famous Hot Shake

If the world was famous, we’d shake shake shake our bounty full of World Famous Hot Shake and dance the night away.

Astro Pigs

If the sunset lit up the sky like a flaming charcoal grill, we’d stick a pork butt on the fire, invigorate with some “outta this world” Astro Pig BBQ Spice and throw a party!

Oh, the things we can do with spice! J.O. #2 all over the waterways as far as the eyes can see. Wouldn’t it make for a better way of life? I bet crabs would run all season long – in plenty! J.O. #2 is also used in fried chicken by many. How do you use J.O.?

combo pack

There are a variety of specialty blends at J.O. Have you made chicken salad with the Rotisserie Chicken spice? Or Rib and Chicken? Spicing up a chicken or pork is one of the easiest, most economical ways to create a great dinner or variety of meals for the week. Rotisserie Spice can be used in boiling, baking or roasting, even marinading! It’s quite delish on potatoes, too! Rib & Chicken is great for kabobs and so easy to use! It instantly adds the right flavor and makes dinner come together in such a flash, you’ll have time to sit and relax! Don’t forget about the Caribbean Jerk, the Barbeque Spice and the Steak Seasoning. They are all you need to spice up, add flavor or “Zing-a-fy” your meals!

Rib n Chicken

Let me know a favorite recipe idea! We love to share the ideas and spread good meals to all!

The Rotisserie Chicken Salad recipe is on our website but I’ve baked the chicken instead of boiling it…I season the breasts with the spice and then add a little water, cover with foil for about 45 minutes, check and to brown the chicken, take off the foil and continue to bake for an additional 20 minutes or until browned to my liking. The cool thing about chicken salad is that if you make the top part of the chicken slightly crispy, then that just adds more flavor to the salad! Then as I’m adding the mayonnaise, I sprinkle more spice to my taste!

What do you do? What is your favorite specialty blend? How do you sprinkle J.O. #2 all over?

Let us know,

:) Pamela




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Small Business Support!

action shot truck crabby local flavors

We are a proud, family-owned business. We are NOT corporate in any way! We are a small “family” business; there are only 23 of us who provide great customer service (according to our reviews) and we do not succumb to corporate ideas or rules or ways (who has the time to adhere to rules? We are SPICE-LY working here!).  When you need spice, mallets or great crabby decorations, you leave a message on our machine or you get one of the owners on the phone or one of 2 customer service ladies and WE GET YOU WHAT YOU NEED.

There are days when we work long hours because customers ran out of spice at the last minute and their truck delivers today and we are going to live up to the J.O. mission: “Get the customer what they need, when they need it.” That is J.O. Small Business. That is what we do 24-7. And we are incredibly proud of being able to do that since 1945. We have no intention of changing. Recessionista? We work hard to keep the business strong and we appreciate your support of small business!

Crabbing season is upon us and we are hoping for a great one. We are a small business and every sale counts! That is why we do what we do for customers. And customers support us and we appreciate it! We thank our customers by doing all that we can to get them what they need! It’s a mutual win-win. We are very grateful for our wonderful customers – each and every single one!

Thanks for a superb turn out at our Grand Opening, Saturday, April 5, 2014. Next year is our 70th year and we are already planning the party! Thanks for supporting small business! Keep America Strong!

Thanks for Great Customers! Thanks for Small Business! Thanks for SPICE because as you know, spice is the taste of life!

WHEN you need anything – spice, mallets, cutting boards, oyster knives, glasses engraved with crabs or ??? We are here for you!

Spicy tastes,

:) Pamela


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J.O. Natty Boh Apparel & More!

Resort Wear Apparel

There’s new J.O. Natty Boh apparel for the summer months! We have red and grey tshirts, tank tops, kids shirts and onesies! We also have J.O. Natty Boh hats! Whenever you wear a “J. Boh” you are showing your Baltimore pride! What goes better with crabs than beer? (Besides corn, fried chicken, and shrimp of course!) Why not wear it on your tshirt? We also have J.O. Natty Boh sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts to keep you in the crabbing spirit all year long.

With the new red and grey colors, why not stock up? Every so often we run Facebook contests and we ask people to look for J.O. Apparel and snap a pic! The J.O. Natty Boh is so popular because it really brings out that Baltimore spirit, but there is the J.O. Throwback, Knockers and Seasonings for all Seasons shirts available as well.

Inside the new store, there are many other apparel options besides the J.O. Natty Boh. We just got in the resort wear – floppy hats, cover ups and catch-all’s that have matching bags that you can take to the beach or on your vacation. There’s shorts, pj’s, nightshirts, too!  When you think of vacation, think of J.O. for all your apparel, bags and more.

We also love to get pictures of  you wearing J.O. Apparel because it’s fun to see how far J.O. can travel! We shout out on Facebook and you just never know when that shout out gets you a very cool prize!

So, what’s in your closet?

Dress for Success in J.O. Apparel,

:) Pamela

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Wedding & Party Favor Headquarters

Wedding & party favor headquarters

We are the wedding and party favor headquarters! We are the knot’s “Best of Favors” Winners for 2013 and 2014 for a great reason – We LOVE to take the stress out of party planning! We have been in the crab business since 1945 so we KNOW all about crab mallets, customizing your mallet with your unique, individual style and customizing spice packets! It’s a natural progression to branch out into more favor ideas ~ glassware, frames, cutting boards and knives that can be personalized with your individuality.

Best of Knot

What makes us the wedding and party favor headquarters? We are so much  MORE THAN SPICE and crab mallets! We have “He asked…she said yes!” signs. We have Bride, Groom, Just Married, Just Hitched signage perfect for bridal showers and wedding decor. There’s Mr. Right/Mrs. ALWAYS Right mug sets (who doesn’t need a few of those for gifts?) . We have Trista Sutter’s, from “The Bachelorette”, Grateful Heart Jewelry & Frame Collection. We have the crab netting, the nautical & beach decorations, the table setting signs, the frames, the glassware, the jewelry and the craft bags with over 48 color choices of ribbon and raffia.

We Fit Any and All Budgets! We are experts in creating memorable mallet favors and we have a variety of pre-printed sayings perfect for the corporate event, crab feast, anniversary party, and rehearsal dinner. But since we are the wedding & party headquarters, we do so much more! We have gift tins, buckets in all shapes & sizes, and bushel baskets ready to be filled per your budgeted amount. If you only have $10 to spend, we are expertly creative in putting together a gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Engraved Glassware_twitter

We can decorate any type of party, we can create any type of gift basket, and we can customize, personalize and individualize your unique & memorable gift! We love to spice up your parties with great favors. We love to bring a smile and create a lifetime of memories with gifts and many spectacular wrapping ideas!

How can we help you spice up your party? We are your unique wedding &  party favor headquarters ~ at your service! Just call~ we are experts on a moment’s notice too!

Happy spicy partying,

:) Pamela



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Seasoning For All – What’s Your Favorite?

Crab Seasoning in Five Flavors- Experience them all and tell us your favorite!  combo pack

Here at J.O. we have a seasoning for all. We have the garlic for the garlic lovers. We have black pepper blends for the black pepper aficionados. There’s Cajun flavors, blackened, Jerk spice, 3 different wild game blends that go on ANY and EVERY animal and of course, we can spice up crabs, shrimp, rockfish, oysters, scallops, crayfish/crawdads/crawfish, lobster, tilapia, flounder….SEAFOOD!

J.O. #2 is made solely for the steaming of crabs! J.O. #1 is awesome on the table next to the salt and pepper as it is good on EVERYTHING. Aficionado’s take note – black pepper base crab seasoning is the secret inside J.O. Black Crab. There’s the J.O. Garlic Crab and those who like BBQ there is J.O. BBQ Crab Seasoning. We have a seasoning for all – what’s your favorite?

The 3 different wild game blends aren’t just for “wild game” hunters, fishermen and those outdoorsy types. The Venison/Steak/Beef Seasoning in the red label is “SERIOUSLY WICKED GOOD” on hamburgers and turkey burgers. The Beef/Poultry Rub is the one that makes the chicken so happy to be in the oven. Using Beef/Poultry Rub on a pork shoulder and getting it ready to be broasted and then turned into your famous bar-b-que is heaven on a platter and sure to be your favorite?

Never, ever be afraid to combine spices to get your desired taste or exciting new combination. Have you tried the blackened with a little J.O. Garlic Crab? How about the J.O. BBQ Crab and a little of the Beef/Poultry Rub? What about a fun combination of Cajun, lime juice and a pinch of J.O. #1? You just never know what kind of winning invention you are capable of creating in your very own kitchen.

The cool thing about using the J.O. Crab Blends is that they already have the salt that you would use on the meats. Pro chefs are always saying that salt adds the flavor – adding it to your pasta’s water makes the pasta taste better. Rubbing it on meat starts the breakdown of the tendons to make the juices come out and the meat that much more moist.

There is a seasoning for all – what’s your favorite?

Happy Finding your Favorite Blend,

:) Pamela

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Seasoned Southern Style Fish Fry ~ The “SSSFF”



The Seasoned Southern Style Fish Fry Batter is a misnomer. There are green tomatoes, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, zucchini, okra, yellow squash, onions and mushrooms that need to be seasoned in this batter! Don’t let those wonderful foods feel left out and get all sad in your refrigerator! They love to be battered up, fried and devoured deliciously. That is their purpose and it is up to you to help them fulfill it.

Seasoned Southern Style Fish Fry, the “SSSFF”, is the bomb.com ~ J.O.’s spicy, tasty take on getting you back to your Southern roots or just to give you something different with an added, “hmmm, a hint of heat, definite spice and oh so good, I can’t wait until dinner!”

“SSSFF” is so easy to work with. All you have to do is prepare your vegetables, fish or meat and either bread it as is or use an egg-wash to get the food all nice and ready to get battered-up. It’s much more moist if you do the egg-wash method which means that in a small bowl, crack an egg, slightly beat it as if you are getting ready to scramble and dredge your food in the wash first, then do the breading. Sometimes you might not have the time so just stick your food in a ziploc bag, throw in some “SSSFF” and voila, dinner is ready to fry!

Chicken nuggets are a favorite for kids and the adult children! When you do it in the “SSSFF”, you can make a grown-up dip like jalapeno ranch, or chili-pepper or wasabi ketchup. The flavors are endless. The “SSSFF” is a very versatile batter that adds a spectacular flavorful dimension to any meal of the day.

What are your favorite ideas when you think of the “SSSFF”?

Let us know!

Happy cooking,

:) Pamela

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Crabby Beadworx by Grassroots

Small Beaded Sea TurtleBeaded Flip Flop Key Chain

The crabby Beadworx products are so cute! The pictures really don’t do them justice. You really want the flip flop garden stakes in your garden. They are awesome. The turtles are perfect on the wall in a set of 3 or just sitting on an end table or your desk. Then there are all the different crab sizes and the blue and orange crab is adorable. The crab garden stakes are very cool. The flip flop key chains are a must have and they are in so many different colors, buy one for every key set you need!

Beadworx by Grassroots is a true craft that can only truly be appreciated as you look at the wonderful products. After reading their website, and then checking out the products, you see how the wire bending would be difficult and intricate, requiring great strength and skill. These products bring steady work and income to hundreds of people who had no prior opportunity to create stability for themselves and their families. When Ginger saw the crabby Beadworx products and heard about the company, their business, and how it all came to be and who it supports, she had to bring in this line!

These crabby Beadworx products are great for gifts! They are so cute, you don’t even have to be a collector of sea life or flip flops to enjoy the intricacies. You’ll just pick one up because it’s fun to look at and it will make you smile. Who doesn’t want to smile when they are sitting at their desk? Great for crabby co-workers,  crabby bus drivers, crabby mailmen, crabby in-laws….whoever needs a smile, a pick-me-up or ask us to wrap it up for a great birthday celebration!

Large Beaded Red CrabBeaded Small Blue Crab

Happy making someone’s day,

:) Pamela

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Awesome Chicken Meatballs with Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

strawberry jalapeno bbq

Are you looking for an easy, delicious new dinner? You have found it here at J.O. Spice! This chicken meatball recipe is AWESOME and it’s equal parts because of the spices you add to the meatballs and the strawberry jalapeno bbq sauce you simmer the meatballs in at the end of the cooking process. :)

You will need 1 jar of McCutcheon’s Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ sauce ~ can be bought online – jospices.com

1lb ground chicken

1 tsp. J.O. Ground Mustard

1 tsp. J.O. Cracked Pepper

1 tsp. Italian Seasoning

2 tbsp. J.O. Cracker Meal

1 egg

Spritz of Worcestershire Sauce

Mix the ground chicken with the spices, cracker meal, egg and Worcestershire sauce. Form into meatballs. Make them as big or as small as you like – I did about 30 so mine was more in the medium range then too big or too small.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes (I bake them because my Crock-Pot doesn’t have that ability and I like to have some color and crunch to my meatballs and if I were to just set inside the crock pot, they wouldn’t cook right.) When I tested my meatballs with a thermometer, they were reading 145 so not completely done so don’t eat right out of the pan unless you cook them for another 15-30 minutes or until you get a reading of at least 170.

Then add to a crock-pot or a pot where you can simmer them in the Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ sauce for an additional 30-45 minutes until heated and cooked all the way through.

It’s the right spice, the right heat and the right sweetness that makes dinner so delightful. Serve on a nice piece of sourdough or pasta. Add a salad and the meal is sure to satisfy!

How might you use the Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ sauce? Let us know on our Facebook page or leave us a comment here with your fun SPICY ideas!

Happy Dining with Spice,

:) Pamela

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Spring is coming in 22 days (we can only hope as it is snowing yet again!) Spring is a great time to redecorate! J.O. has just the products to help you do just that. How do you like to decorate? Do you like to use fun decor with a beachy theme or weathered by the sea wood look? Maybe you like to mix and match, some old with some new and you like the idea of supporting small business?

How about redecorating a wall using authentic fish netting that you can buy at a great price? We also have great wall decor, weathered wood containers, wrought iron stands that will hold the frames or the special plates or platters you want to display and/or get out of your cluttered kitchen cabinets. We have crabby garden stakes, crabby wall decor, pillows, tablecloths, place mats, table runners and beaded crabs, turtles and flip flops that are perfect sitting at your desk, on an end table or decorating a mantle.

We have plates, cutting boards and coasters that will redecorate any table in seconds. That is always a cheery pick-you-up when you can set your dinner table or make dinner with something that makes you smile and think of the beach or the sun or a fun, summer memory. A fun cutting board takes the same old, same old feeling away from dinner prep and custom engraving a paring knife that makes you giggle also helps!

This winter has been long and redecorating is a fun, spirit lifter that gets everyone out of the winter blah’s. What will you use to redecorate? The great thing about J.O. Spice is that we have many items for the cost-conscious customer so you are sure to come in, browse, get ideas and find something within your budget.

Splurge on a $1.95 key chain or magnet to get you thinking about your spring garden redecorating plans, your vacation ideas or what you will drink at happy hour tonight!

Happy Shopping & Redecorating!

:) Pamela

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Is it J.O. or…Tell us your SPICE PASSION!

Are you from MD? Do you know your CRAB SPICE? Really know? Do you have a preference between J.O. or the other guys? The SPICE PASSION is incredible! We love it!

This wasn’t even a passionate spice discussion we started but we are sure to blog it! Weigh in and let us know your Spice Passion!

This was from a Facebook Post on January 27, 2014…..

Here we go again. Please go over to de Lazy Lizard Bar & Grille, Ocean City and weigh in on this great debate.

First, we bad mouth no company at all. All we do is bring facts to life. We make no false accusations and we don’t take credit where credit isn’t due. Here at J.O. we believe there is a place for everyone in the market place. All we ask is that you educate yourself and give the proper seasoning the recognition it has EARNED since 1945. FACT #1- J.O. Spice was founded in 1945 and has been the original CRAB SEASONING of choice. There are many different blends. You have your J.O. #1 that is good on everything from popcorn, veggies, meat, seafood, crab cakes, and the list goes on. There is J.O. #2 that is formulated for STEAMING CRABS due to the special salt in the formula that adheres to the crab during the crab steaming process. It is the readymade formula. MANY use the other and add all the ingredients to make the all purpose spice a CRAB SEASONING. Not only is this expensive but it isn’t necessary when you can have that same great crab house flavor in your back yard steamers. Please note when you are at a crab establishment ~ does the seasoning look evenly spread over the crabs for a fantastic appearance? When using seasonings that aren’t meant for the steaming process, you will notice your crabs will look as if you put mud on them. EVER notice that?

FACT #2 – In addition to our famous blends we make custom blends for MANY establishments. Many have their own secret family recipes and that is what makes each crab establishment unique. We sign confidentiality statements and that blend becomes their own and can only be purchased through that establishment. MANY have their famous seasoning bottled and private labeled by J.O. Spice.

FACT #3- Many are cost conscious due to the economy. We offer economy blends that some establishments choose. What we won’t do is jeopardize our families’ recipes by using anything other than the finest ingredients when making our house blends. This is why we offer options.

FACT #4- Not only do we supply the finest establishments with their seasonings and spices, we also have everything that goes along with the crab eating experience. Custom laser engraved mallets are VERY FAMOUS. We employ several companies in the USA to make this process happen and we own our own state of the art engravers. Our graphic designers can bring your ideas to life on a mallet making your crab event personal and fun. In addition to mallets we have crab paper, crab pots, crab paper towel holders, crab knives- plastic, stainless, and wood handled that can be personalized, crab bags, crab boxes, crab jewelry, crab decor…… this names only a few of our crabby items. What we don’t have….. a crabby staff! You will get personalized friendly service from start to finish no matter how small or big your order is. You will get the honesty you deserve! Many customers have become friends. We are grateful for each of you!

What is J.O. Spice…seems to be the common question for those who think what they are eating is the “other spice” when they go to a seafood establishment or crab carryout. They swear the Maryland way is OB. They couldn’t imagine anything other. THEN….. you ask them the question after they go on and on and on with their OB loyalty ( this I question?) ” Where is your favorite place to eat crabs when you eat them outside of your own home?” They name off several establishments which always brings a smile to my face BECAUSE they have named all the establishments that we have been serving for years. That is the AHA moment many have!!! I love to hear how Maryland is the only place that does crabs right because of OB and then the Maryland Magazine addition of best crab establishments is published and almost all who make the top ten are J.O. users and the few who aren’t use a generic mock up that still isn’t OB!

J.O. is made and manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland. YES…..right here in Baltimore! It is currently being operated by the third generation with the fourth in college getting their degrees so they can decide if the spicy life is for them. They work at J.O. during their breaks but they will earn the right to go into management. It won’t be given to them because of their last name. We are a working class family who loves what J.O. established. It is a great honor to expand on his dreams bringing our own unique touches to the business. I love to sit back and read the FACTS of the current leading seasonings that are on the market! All I ask is that before any of you make accusations you find out the facts. False rumors are spread with here say. I would be happy to educate you the way I was twenty five years ago. YES, twenty five years ago if you would have asked me OB or J.O., I would have said OB. Can you believe that? Well, it is true and this is how it happened. I met a man who liked my name, Ginger, and he told me I was destined to be his because his family was in the spice business and my name is a spice. He proceeded to ask if I ate crabs. DO I EAT CRABS??? That seemed like a stupid question. I am from Maryland, not only did I eat crabs but I swore they were steamed with OB!!! I asked him if his family owned OB….it was currently owned by Baltimore Spice at the time. It was later sold to the current company. He laughed and told me it was J.O. I told him he was crazy. I was that loyal to a brand when I too didn’t have all the facts. I would have nothing to do with him and his made up seasoning. I called the marina, where I learned to pick a crab all those years ago on my grandparents boat, and asked them, “What seasoning do you use when steaming crabs ( I couldn’t ask my grandparents because they were no longer with me but I held the memory of crab picking near and dear to my heart)?”  To my surprise….. the answer was a FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS IN BALTIMORE and the name was and is J.O. SPICE!

That’s my story…… when, where, and who educated you on how crabs are steamed the MARYLAND WAY?

Keeping it spicy while I educate one at a time ~Ginger

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