J.O. Spice Company, Inc. gets reviews, comments and testimonials from retail and wholesale clients in the Maryland area and beyond about how great our spices and seasonings are and most recently about our new custom laser engraving of personalized crab mallets. Below are a few of these comments and testimonials:

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Crab mallets & spice seasoning

Aug 05, 2015 by Melissa & Joe Windsor
City And State: Hughesville, MD 

We ordered the crab mallets and spice seasoning packets for our wedding favors. Everyone loved them!! Our guests have been sending us pictures of them using the mallets! Customer service was excellent and very friendly to work with. Thank you Pamela!!

Crab Soup mix

Jul 27, 2015 by Roger
City And State: Houston, TX 

I made the crab soup mix for my relatives visiting from the Dallas / Ft Worth area and it passed with flying colors. I embellished some with extra JO crab spice and added a few more vegetables. It is tough to find blue crab in Houston to throw into the soup, but everyone gave it a thumbs up. Going back for seconds was validation.

Better than Old Bay

Jun 24, 2015 by Patrick
City And State: Woodbine, Md 

When people tell me they love old bay on their crabs, I look at them and have to tell them that most crab shacks use J.O. Spice! They're always in disbelief as Old Bay is more well known, but when it comes to seafood spices...I always choose J.O.

Senior Prom Favors

Jun 08, 2015 by Lindsey
City And State: Baltimore Maryland 

The students and faculty loved the prom favors. They came out great and students said they were excited to use them this summer!

BlueCrab's best friend

Apr 16, 2015 by Gail Dutton
City And State: Bel Alton, MD 

I have been eating crabs for 45 years and cooking them for about 35 of those years. A lifelong friend and fellow crabber gave me some JO Spices to try on my crabs. WOW. The flavor was awesome. Stays on the crabs well and great on your fingers while picking crabs! I am a JO Spice fan!


Apr 14, 2015 by Ally Lancaster
City And State: Baltimore, MD 

We ordered J.O. Spice crab mallets as a unique gift for the guests of a dinner our association was hosting. The whole J.O. Spice team was professional and timely with the entire process. It was also amazing how close they were, so we could save a bit on shipping and pick up the mallets directly in-store. The quality of both the mallets and engraving were superb. The mallets were a huge hit for all the guests and we are so happy that with the help of J.O. Spice we were able to make it a memorable evening for all.

J.O. Spice

Aug 20, 2014 by Pat Reese
City And State: Crsifield, MD 

We have used J.O. Spice on our steamed crabs for many years. Our customers are always pleased as it makes our prepared foods the best that they can be. - Pat Reese of Crab Dynasty

Crab Feast Rehearsal Dinner

Aug 05, 2014 by Tobi Guy
City And State: Mechanicsville, Maryland 

Ordered personalized crab mallets, crab spice, crab knives to make a "crab themed" gift basket for attendees to my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. The basket, and especially the mallets were a hit. Courteous service, fast delivery and pleasant staff to work with. Highly recommend using them. Check out their personalized products!

JO CRAB Mallets

Aug 05, 2014 by Patrick
City And State: Towson MD 

J.O. Spice provided me with an amazing gift for my sister's wedding! I wanted to give her something that would be meaningful to both her husband and her, but something she could also use and what better than crab mallets! Everyone was extremely nice, and they even sat down with me, and suggested designs that she would like. I appreciated her help, and I know my sister loved her gift too! J.O. Spice really is more than just a spice company...they are a business with their hearts in the right place!

Great steamed shrimp

Jul 28, 2014 by Jeff Hampton
City And State: Needmore, Pa. 

I recently had steamed shrimp at Harrison's Harborwatch in O.C. Maryland at their raw bar, and they were absolutely delicious!! I knew it wasn't Old Bay, so I asked about the seasoning. The bartender said it was J.O's. Old Bay is certainly a classic, but for me, J.O's. has it beat!! It's J.O's. for me from now on!!

J.O. Spice Company Inc. , USA 5.0 5.0 40 40 We ordered the crab mallets and spice seasoning packets for our wedding favors. Everyone loved them!! Our guests have been sending us pictures of them using the mallets! Customer